Press Coverage

  • Boots Health And Beauty Magazine

    If you’re tired of the thumping bassline of most 21st-century workouts, the vintage vibes of SwingTrain could be right up your street.

  • The Express

    The weird thing about pain is that if you are laughing and having fun at the same time its potency is diminished. This is one of the sublime by-products of a session of Swing Train – an exercise class set to swing and be-bop music and with the sort of moves that would have Cab Calloway jitter bugging in his grave.

  • The Metro's Slice

    If you’re desperate to get fit but find gym-going a bore, hotfoot it over to this exercise class for a fun way to fight the flab.

  • Islington

    Zoe Paskett tries out a new exercise class that combines swing dance and aerobics, finding that the exhaustion is outweighed by enjoyment and great music

  • RedBull

    Turn your dance moves into a high-intensity cardio workout with SwingTrain, which rose to prominence on the BBC show Dragons’ Den. Classes burn up to 500 calories an hour and feature moves from vintage street dances like the Charleston and 'shag' swing routines. As well as working your muscles, you’ll also develop coordination and mental agility.